Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Basic Bricks/Blocks-Small (SOLD)

Items: Basic Bricks
*More than 200 or 300 pcs
*Quality same like LEGO Bricks

Becoming More Creative with Bricks:
We are all creative and can become more so through practice. It is possible for individuals to engage their creativity systematically by cultivating the relevant mindsets behind the creative process:
• Curiosity – triggers our imagination
• Mental readiness – fuels our imagination
• Confidence – allows us to experiment with our imagination
• Positive framing – helps us see where our imagination can be useful
• Commitment – makes us willing to persevere in shaping our imagination into something new, surprising and valuable.

When engaging in free building (constructive play), the Bricks can helps children bring their imagination to life through a process of open exploration, or intelligent form-giving.
Children can engage in this alone and together with others. Systematically creative people therefore think creatively, reason systematically and work collaboratively.